Sweet Smoke would like to thank Randye Kaplan for many of these photos.

Mike and his famous recorder
Marvin playing his classic Gibson ES-355 cherry red stereo
Andy on the magic bass
Jay on drums and attitude
Emmerich, Germany - Jay playing drums with Kuhn looking on
Marvin in a trance like state
Marvin Listening
JMike feeling inspired
Bruce, Jay and The Walrus
The Whole Crew - so much hair
Jay, Marty and Puppa - the house in Sulzheim
Fine dining at the commune
Band on Audi
The house in Sulzheim later used as a concert poster
The band chanting - Baba nam kevalam
Outdoor concert in Holland - taped for TV
Jay and Puppa, c.1970
Andy and Pauline, c.1970
Good friend and fine musician, Bruce
Randye and The Walrus - Randye took many of the photos shown on this page
Zandvoort, Holland during the recording of our second album
Puppa, Enid, Carol and unidentified hippie, c.1970
Rochus Kuhn - musician, gentle soul, dear friend. Rest in Peace
The band's first official press photo
Jay and Puppa on Wall
Behind the house in Emmerich
Posing in a hotel lobby. Nico,our manager, is at far left
Jamming with our Dutch friends. Andy is far left and Nico, our manager second from left
More jamming with the Dutch horn section. Emmanuel Kuhn is on the drums
Walking on a country road
The 'official' autographed photo of Marvin
The 'official' autographed photo of Andy
One big, happy family
John, Howie, Diane and Enid share a whimsical moment
The 'road crew' - Marty, Howie and John

Jay and Puppa – The Wedding

Recording the Live Album – Various Venues, 1974